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SRS Membership:

Sea Research Society membership is open to both professionals and non-professionals interested in the principles of the Society.

To join the Society or for additional information, please contact:
     Dr. E. Lee Spence, President
     Sea Research Society
     PO Box 4068
     Irmo, SC 29063 USA
     (843) 532-8222 phone (ask for Dr. Spence)

diver on wreck


In an effort to both encourage and recognize participation and donations, all members (regardless of whether individual or corporate) will receive rank based on the values of their annual contributions. Contributions may be accepted in the form of money, goods (including boats), or services (including dockage). Although ranks are strictly honorary, additional perksdedication of SRS's Fulton Hall and other advantages do go with the higher levels. Those benefits are described below. Each level of membership will be entitled to all of the benefits shown for the lesser membership levels. Family memberships start at the rank of Lieutenant. If membership is obtained in a corporate name, the benefits may be shared (with full rank) among up to five individuals to be designated by the corporation at time of payment. Corporate memberships start at the rank of Commodore.


 PayPal accepted credit cards


Please send your donations to Sea Research Society by PayPal addressed to . Just tell PayPal the correct amount to send and describe in the note exactly what it is for.

Or, mail your donations to: Sea Research Society,
PO Box 4068, Irmo, SC 29063 USA.

Donors will be billed for the additional shipping costs for all certificates, books, maps, CDs, etc. sent to non-USA mailing addresses.



Regular members will receive a membership card and certificate suitable for framing showing the member's rank and giving them a 10% discount on all Society's admission fees, usage fees and list price of gift items. There will be no charge to use the Society's online shipwreck research library.* Starting in 2007, they will also receive a subscription to the Society's journal, ShipWrecks . To make up for the lack of a journal in 2006, the Society is offering a signed, paperback copy of Dr. Spence's book Treasures of the Confederate Coast: the "Real Rhett Butler" & Other Revelations (Narwhal Press, 1995).

Midshipman (student member)
Lieutenant (individual or family)




Benefactors will receive all of the above and will also receive our monthly newsletter, Wreck Diver (sent via email or snail mail) and special announced discounts. There will be no charge to visit the Society's museum. All members at or above the level of Benefactor will receive an official Sea Research Society flag to fly on their boats.




Patrons will receive all of the above benefits and will also receive free copies of expedition reports and will have their names listed in the Society's journal and on this web site (unless we are otherwise instructed). Patrons will be entitled to fly a pennant showing their rank. They will also receive free membership in the Society's Explorers Club and will be invited to participate in some of the Society's expeditions. If desired, links to Patron's web sites and/or contact information will posted on this web site. (Note: Additional fees and/or expenses may be charged for participation in certain expeditions.)

Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral




Individual and Corporate Sponsors will receive all of the above and will be invited to and introduced as a Sponsor at all official Society functions. Corporate Sponsors will also be able to use the Society's name, logo and expedition photographs in approved advertisements.

Fleet Admiral


Please send your donations by PayPal addressed to
or mail donations to: Sea Research Society, PO Box 4068, Irmo, SC 29063.

Note One: Special recognition via news releases and mention in the Society's journal and the Society's newsletter will be accorded individuals or corporations joining at the Fleet Admiral level.

Note Two: A single $10,000 donation can make a person a Vice Admiral for one year or it could give them the rank of Captain for ten years.

Note Three: All donors should be aware that some benefits are not available at this time. The first issue of the Society's limited access on-line journal is to be published in 2007.

* The online library is now being developed and will eventually be password protected to prevent use by non-members. Use of the Society's Shipwreck Research Library does not include the Hunley Archives or the Spence/Riebe Archives, which are limited only to the Society's employees (some limited exceptions to this policy may be made in special cases) or by written agreement.

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