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SRINA: shipwrecks of New York, New Jersey and Delaware waters
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SRS Dr. E. Lee Spence's Sworn Affidavit on his discovery of the Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley
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SRINA: Hunley Archives
Hunley Commission violates Article 1 Sections 8 & 23 of South Carolina Constitution

Audit of Hunley funds needed says Sea Research Society's Dr. E. Lee Spence
Jack Parker
Corps of Engineers to Spence May 10, 1975
SRS Project Viewpoint (German U-Boats)


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Check out: Dr. E. Lee Spence's Sworn Affidavit on his discovery of the Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley

Check out some of IDI's self explanatory  hyperlinks:
Commercial diving school for underwater welding, cutting and burning IDI's 640 hour commercial diving course meets ADC & ANSI standards for commercial diver certification. IDI is licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.
Catalog for International Diving Institute's shallow water commercial diving program: International Diving Institute teaches helmet diving for professional divers.
Owners and Instructors of the International Diving Institute's The owners of the International Diving Institute's commercial diving school are Sergio Smith, Dr. E. Lee Spence
Course outline for surface supplied mixed gas diver's certification program The International Diving Institute's 640 hour surface supplied mixed gas, commercial diving course is a pre or co-requisite for taking IDI's advanced courses such as underwater welding, hyperbaric chamber operation.
Posters for the International Diving Institute Posters focus on IDI's commercial diving program, their diver training facility, and on dive equipment such as the Mark V dive helmet.
Starting dates for International Diving Institute's Commercial Diver Program IDI's surface supplied mixed gas, diver training program, meets ADC, ANSI and other national/international standards and is state licensed.
Advanced Commercial Diving Courses The International Diving Institute's electives and advanced courses (limited to commercial divers and commercial diving students), includes underwater welding, cutting, burning, Haz-Mat, NDT, shipwrecks, homeland security, rigging, hyperbaric chamber operation, etc.
Clive Cussler & Dr. E. Lee Spence and the Hunley Yahoo and other search results for Clive Cussler, Dr. E. Lee Spence and the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley.
Diving Related Publications Gives info and hyperlinks to assorted periodicals (magazines, reports, eZines, newsletters, etc.) of interest to commercial divers and diving contractors.
International Diving Institute's hyperlinks to commercial diving industry organizations Gives info and hyperlinks to miscellaneous organizations of importance to commercial divers and diving contractors.
International Diving Institute's Links to Diver & Diving related Clubs Gives info and hyperlinks to diving, underwater photography, spear-fishing, etc. that may be of use to commercial divers.
International Diving Institute's links to Commercial Dive Equipment Gives info and hyperlinks to commercial diving equipment, helmets, hyperbaric chambers, dry-suits, Kirby Morgan, etc. of use to commercial divers.
Commercial diving links for professional divers Gives info and hyperlinks to job information, major commercial dive contractors, commercial diving companies, etc. of use to commercial divers.
International Diving Institute's Shipwreck Webs hyperlinks Gives info and hyperlinks to shipwreck related web sites of use to commercial divers.
Federal rules and regulations for commercial divers and diving operations Federal Code of Rules & Regulations as applies to commercial divers, commercial dive equipment, and commercial dive operations. This is absolutely necessary info for commercial divers.
Weather Predictions useful to commercial divers Gives University of Michigan weather predictions on International Diving Institute's web site. This is convenient to use for local forecast or to plan your diving jobs.
Local tides and currents useful to commercial divers Commercial divers working in areas they are unfamiliar with should check this out for local currents and tides before going on any dive job work site.
List_of_acronyms_commonly_used_by_commercial_divers This page gives a useful list of abbreviations used in the Commercial Diving Industry and links to sites dealing with each topic.
SRINA shipwreck diving library SRINA has an extensive collection of diving and shipwreck related periodicals, maps, pictures.
SRINA shipwrecks of Florida waters  SRINA (IDI's and Sea Research Society's archives/research library) has information on shipwrecks in Florida waters (Key West, St. Augustine, Tampa, etc. All dates.)
SRINA shipwrecks of New York, New Jersey & Delaware SRINA (IDI's and Sea Research Society's shipwreck archives/research library) has extensive information for wrecks of New York, New Jersey and Delaware. (All dates).

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