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Whether it is a Spanish galleon or a modern freighter,
we have over sixty years of combined experience and can provide the expertise.

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Sinking of the "Stonefleet" off South Carolina

If you are at a loss as to how to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to work a wreck properly and you have no idea what it means to "arrest" a wreck under federal laws, yet you are searching for or have found what you hope could be a valuable wreck, Shipwreck Consultants can help you.
Shipwreck Consultants offers a wide range of services relating to the following aspects of shipwreck discovery and salvage work.
  • archival research
  • fund raising
  • tax considerations
  • search (techniques and equipment)
  • wreck identification
  • archeology
  • conservation, preservation and display of artifacts
  • appraisal and marketing of artifacts
  • contractual agreements
  • legal and physical protection of the discovery
  • media relations
  • media, industrial, and other promotional rights

Spanish treasure, coins and bullion

If you have need to consult confidentially about your shipwreck research, searches or discoveries, please call 843-821-0001 and ask for either Dr. E. Lee Spence . Shipwreck Consultants works in association with experienced attorneys, fund raisers, professional salvors and others who are willing, in certain cases, to work with divers and other chance discoverers of shipwrecks on a percentage of the recovery basis.
Shipwreck Consultants sets its fees on an individual basis. Initial consultation and review for purposes of establishing fees is free.

Shipwreck Consultant Dr. E. Lee Spence
Although long considered one of the founding fathers of underwater archeology, Dr. E. Lee Spence is only 58. He is an underwater archeologist, shipwreck historian, treasure hunter, author, and award winning artist and cartographer. To learn more about this unique individual tap here.


USS Monitor What about the Ethics?
Read about a real war, the war between Capitalism Versus Socialism in Underwater Archaeology.

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